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2010 AGM minutes

October 30, 2010

Minutes of the Second Annual General Meeting of Newstead 2021 Inc.

Thursday 7th October 2010 @ Welshmans Reef Winery

Meeting commenced 7.35pm

Present: Wes Martin, Kirsty Mackay, Mary Park, Geoff Park, Melissa Proposch, Steve Proposch, Dean McLaren, Saide Gray, Anne O’Brien, Michael O’Brien, Ros Hart, David Stratton, Georgina Duckett, Andrew Shirres, Martin Lynzaat, Sharon Fraser, Allex Hall, Maritsa Gronda, Patrick Kavanagh, Angela Down, Karly Smith, Gordon Dowell, Genevieve Barlow, Bob Clutterbuck, Suzan Redlande, Xanya Mamunya, Dave Hall, Julie Tisdale, Ron Snep, Julia Elkins, Jayson Burhop (departed at 7.45pm)

Apologies: Kylie Richardson, Don Culvenor, Malcolm Fyffe

Minutes of the previous AGM: The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting of Newstead 2021 held Sunday 24th May 2009 were correct.

Moved – Wes Martin, seconded – Dean McLaren. Reports: (see attached Annual Report 2009/10)

Presidents report presented by Geoff Park

Renewable Newstead: Jayson Burhop introduced to N2021. He is employed to lead this program.

50km speed restriction: report presented by Geoff Park

Playground Project: report presented by Dean McLaren

Network Newstead – Wireless Project: report presented by Dave Hall

Newstead website: report presented by Dave Hall

Rocket Science: report presented by Geoff Park

The River Project: report presented by Patrick Kavanagh

The Community Garden & Produce Exchange: report presented by Mary Park

Treasurer’s Report: see summary of financial statement as at 30th September 2010 (as prepared by Kylie Richardson).

Election of office bearers: Martin Lynzaat presided over the election of the officer bearers. All positions were declared vacant.

Position Nomination Nomination by Seconder Resolved to appoint
President Geoff Park Dean McLaren Dave Hall Geoff Park
Vice-President Genevieve Barlow Melissa Proposch Xanya Mamunya Genevieve Barlow
Treasurer & Public Officer Kylie Richardson Geoff Park Dave Hall Kylie Richardson
Secretary Karly Smith (assistant Angela Down) Dean McLaren David Stratton Karly Smith

Committee members: Dean McLaren, Sharon Fraser, Dave Hall, David Stratton, Mary Park, Allex Hall, Steve Proposch, Andrew Shirres, Patrick Kavanagh, Xanya Mamunya, Angela Down.

Special thanks to Geoff Park for his great leadership during the past 12 months. And thanks to the Ron & Julia (Welshmans Reef Winery) for their great food & wine tonight, and to the community gardeners for the delicious home-grown salads.

Meeting closed: 8.30pm

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