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Our Story

Newstead 2021 Inc was established to support the development of a vibrant, informed and sustainable community in our town and surrounds. We are an incorporated association, guided by an elected committee, drawn from interested members of our local community who work actively and collaboratively towards this goal.

Read more about the Newstead Summit in 2008 where Newstead 2021 was created!


Our purposes

  1. To support the discussion and implementation of ideas and projects that benefit the Newstead community
  2. To seek and communicate relevant information about issues concerning our community
  3. To support actions that improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well being of the Newstead community
  4. To promote two way dialogue with Local Government
  5. To actively seek resources that can contribute to our goal

How we operate

  1. Acknowledge and value the contribution that all members of our community can make
  2. Respect and value diversity of ideas and opinions
  3. Encourage sharing of information and knowledge
  4. Celebrate the diversity of our community now and into the future
  5. Actively encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in community life

How we measure our progress

These are our indicators of success!

  • Level of participation in community projects and working groups (no of people/demographics/hours contributed etc)
  • New ideas initiated, developed and implemented
  • Qualitative feedback from community members
  • Resources (including $ attracted) into the community as a direct result of our activities
  • Improvement in communication with Local Government
  • Increased confidence as a community facing the challenges of 2021
  • More frogs in the River and more people going to listen to their chorus!
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