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2011 AGM Minutes

September 30, 2011

Minutes of the Third Annual General Meeting of Newstead 2021 Inc.

Sunday 25 September 2011 @ Loddon River, Newstead

Meeting commenced 4.15pm

Present: Mary Park, Geoff Park, Saide Gray, Gary Gibson, David Stratton, Nick Hudson, Andrew Shirres, Ruby Shirres, Siena Shirres, Patrick Kavanagh, Angela Down, Michael Redden, Genevieve Barlow.

Apologies: Kylie Richardson, Don Culvenor, Malcolm Fyffe, Anne & Michael O’Brien, Frances Cincotta, Louise Jiricek, Dave Hall, Karly Smith, Liz & Doug Bell, Ros Hart, Ray Culvenor, Gabrielle Maunsell.

Minutes of the previous AGM:

The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting of Newstead 2021 held Thursday Oct 27, 2010 were correct. Moved – Saide Gray, seconded – Dave Stratton.

Reports: (see attached Annual Report 2010/11)

President: report presented by Geoff Park. Productive 12 months. Meeting recorded a vote of thanks for Cr Michael Redden’s efforts at ‘flying the flag’ for Newstead on Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Renewable Newstead: Busy year. Expect 200 Home Energy Assessments to be completed in partnership with Central Victoria Solar City (CVSC). Feasibility study into renewable energy sources for Newstead completed and launched. Investigative work continuing on renewable energy project for Newstead.

Network Newstead – Wireless Project: report prepared by Dave Hall

Newstead website: report prepared by Dave Hall

The River Project: report presented by Patrick Kavanagh. Great to have North Central Catchment Management Authority on board. Extensive clearing of willows, tree planting and riparian veg rehabilitation on Loddon River in town area.

The Community Garden & Produce Exchange: report prepared by Mary Park

Treasurer’s Report: see summary of financial statementsfor year ended 30 June 2011 and as at 23 September 2011 (as prepared by Kylie Richardson). Gary Gibson moved that financial reportsbe accepted. Gen Barlow seconded.

General Comments:

1. All grant funds almost spent. Most of remaining funds of $13,025 will be used by garden art project and website upgrade.

2. Public Liability insurance (which covers all Newstead 2021 activities e.g. Community garden) paid to July 2012.

3. Michael Redden advised that Newstead’s Rural Transaction Centre has ceased operating as a trading co-operative and is now an incorporated body known as Newstead RTC Inc. It’s in a healthy financial state, with op shop producing good income, and RTC is seeking guidance on how it could return some of that money to the community. Possibility that Newstead Echo will become a sub-committee of the RTC.

4. Michael Redden informed meeting that N2021 summit model likely to be adopted by council for community planning forums across the shire. Council to run forums in nine communities across the shire. Don Culvenor has been appointed to committee overseeing planning for these forums. It’s hoped Newstead will be among the first three communities chosen to have forums. Michael also advised that Newstead’s community garden and playground were the only two projects that received funding from stimulus packages that weren’t on the council’s books at the time the stimulus was announced. A feather in N2021’s cap. Michael emphasized council’s goal for forums was for communities to identify their own priorities so that when funds become available, council knows which projects communities want done.

Election of office bearers:

Michael Redden presided over the election of the officer bearers. All positions were declared vacant.

The positions elected were:

President – Geoff Park Nominated by Saide Gray and seconded by Patrick Kavanagh

Vice-President – Genevieve Barlow Nominated by Geoff Park and seconded by Dave Stratton

Treasurer & Public Officer – Kylie Richardson Nominated by Mary Park and seconded by Patrick Kavanagh

Secretary – Karly Smith Nominated by Patrick Kavanagh and seconded by Geoff Park

Committee members: Andrew Shirres, Saide Gray, Mary Park, Patrick Kavanagh, Angela Down, Dave Stratton, Don Culvenor, Nick Hudson.

Meeting discussed general committee’s role. Discussion resolved that N2021 and its general committee could play an important role in projects emanating from Mount Alexander Shire’s proposed community planning forum in Newstead.

General Business

1. Meeting resolved for N2021 reps to meet with Dave Hall and Newstead website editorial committee to discuss grant received from Mount Alexander Shire Community Grants program to upgrade the Newstead website. Grant is due for acquittal end of September 2011

2. Special thanks to Geoff Park for his great leadership during the past 12 months. And for organizing an AGM in the beautiful riverside setting.

Meeting closed: 6.00pm


A. Annual report – download here.

B. Summary of financial statements for year ended 30th June 2011 and as at 23rdSeptember 2011 – download here.

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