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Our Projects

Newstead 2021 supports a range of key projects for our community, underpinned by the Newstead Community Plan (2013). Find out more about how the Plan was prepared here. And download your own copy here. Lots of actions proposed in the Plan are underway, and some have been achieved. Not bad going Newstead!

Reviewing, revitalizing and most importantly implementing the Plan is a priority for Newstead 2021 Inc. We will keep adding new projects to our portfolio, so do get involved. Read more about our updated 2017 priorities here.

Renewable Newstead aims to generate solar power to supply the local community by 2022.

RN is planning a 5MW solar farm on the outskirts of town. For more go to their website.

Newstead Community Garden offers garden plots to locals.

More text … For more and to join, go to their website.

Newstead Arts Hub is a community creative space, based in our historic railway station.

To find out what’s on, propose an exhibition, workshop or event go to the Hub’s website.

Walks & Wheels is a group of dedicated volunteers developing walking and wheeling opportunities for Newstead residents and visitors.

Find out about their current projects on their webpage.

Talking Fire invites community conversations about fire in our local landscape.

Find out more and learn about past and upcoming events at Talking Fire.

Newstead Open Studios art trail is an annual event, held in March.

A chance to visit local artists’ studios. For the current program and map visit Newstead Open Studios.

Street Tree Renewal Project awaits funding and support.

For more on current initiatives, click through to the project page.

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