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Rocket Science #13 – Paul Sinclair on the future for our rivers

March 16, 2010

Sunday 28th March at DIG Cafe – Rocket Science #13 “What future for our rivers – is it possible to reconcile competing demands for a scarce resource….in a drying climate?”  with Dr. Paul Sinclair, Healthy Ecosystems Program Manager with the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Paul is well known for his marvelous book “The Murray: A river and its people”, published in 2001. He grew up at Kerang, on the Loddon River, a tributary of the Murray. His first memory of the river is a flood in the early 1970s when he was 12. The book explores the reasons why the river has become degraded, and what these changes have meant to Australians. According to Martin Flanagan, Paul Sinclair “is a new sort of Australian public intellectual. His view of the environment goes way beyond the polarity of greenies versus rednecks”.

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