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Towards Zero Net Emissions

August 4, 2009

A few weeks ago I attended (as a representative of N2021) an interesting event in Bendigo entitled “Towards Zero Net Emissions”. The session highlighted the findings of a project conducted across a number of northern Melbourne metropolitan councils. Quoting from some of the project material….

“Without action, emissions from the region are anticipated to grow by almost 19% to over 25,000 kilo tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, as the population and housing grow. The TZNE plan proposes a leading role for alliance members to lead new projects which could not only stabilise growth but lead to reductions of 24% by 2020. Chief areas for attention include the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, which along with private transport; dominate the region’s greenhouse gas profile. The plan outlines a combination of actions to use energy more efficiently, promote more efficient technologies and renewable energy supplies, establish new energy services and improve planning to make communities more liveable and better able to manage in a climate changed world. TZNE sets out a series of actions which will benefit local communities and economies.”

 The Final Report and Executive Summary are available for download, with the accompanying Community Emissions Calculations report available shortly, outlining the methodology on which the emissions profile and 2020 projections were based. Towards Zero Net Emissions in the NAGA Region is now available on the NAGA website at

It’s worth a look.

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